Welcome to Austin Poetry Slam!


You have found Austin’s premiere showcase of spoken word poetry! We hold a show every Tuesday night at the Spider House Ballroom on 29th Street (see the map).

Our show is $6 on regular slam nights, and occasionally $8 or $10 on special nights, such as Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, IWPS Finals, WOWPS Finals, Slam Bowl or the Nationals Slam Scrimmage.

15 08 04 Slam Scrimmage Lego

Our 2015/2016 season currently has the following dates for these big shows:

Slam Bowl: Tuesday, 6/1/15
Quarter Finals #1: Tuesday, 7/14/15
NPS Slam Scrimmage: Tuesday, 8/4/15
IWPS Finals: Tuesday, 8/25/15
Quarter Finals #2: Tuesday, 10/13/15
WOWPS Finals: Tuesday, 12/8/15
Quarter Finals #3: Tuesday, 1/5/16
Quarter Finals #4: Tuesday, 3/22/16
Semi-Finals: Tuesday, 3/29/16
2016 Slam Finals at the State Theater: Friday, 4/1/16

Our most active social media channel is Facebook.  Find us here: Austin Slam on Facebook.

Otherwise, click around on the menu above for more info about APS and our events, and please come out and join us this Tuesday night around 8pm!  Poet sign-up between 7:30 and 7:50pm.


Legacy Info on the 20 Year Anniversary Show:

Click Here for the Full Details, Event Schedule, and More!