Welcome to Austin Poetry Slam!


You have found Austin’s premiere showcase of slam poetry! We hold a show every Tuesday night at the Spider House Ballroom on 29th Street, and Sunday afternoons at The Love Goat!


Location: Spider House Ballroom,

Time: Doors/Sign-up at 7:15pm, Draw at 8pm, Slam Starts at 8:15pm

Price: $6 on Tuesday nights for regular slams, and occasionally $8 or $10 on special nights, such as Quarter Finals, Semi-Finals, IWPS Finals, WOWPS Finals, Slam Bowl or the Nationals Slam Scrimmage.

Slamming: Poets wanting to slam on Tuesdays must qualify via our Sunday Show Funnel (i.e., won on Sunday at Love Goat), or must have slammed in a national context before (i.e., performed on an NPS, CUPSI, BNV or etc., team or in our Semi-Finals last year).  If you are new to poetry slam, try Sunday!


Location: Love Goat, 2716 Guadalupe St, Austin, Texas 78705 (just down the street from Spider House).

Time: Doors/Sign-up at 2pm, Draw/Slam at 2:30pm!

Price: $4 every week, ($3 with a student ID).

Slamming: The Sunday slam is open sign-up to poets not eligible for Tuesdays.


Anywho, our 2016/2017 season currently has the following dates for these big shows:

Slam Bowl: Tuesday, 6/1/16
Quarter Finals #1: Tuesday, 6/28/16
NPS Slam Scrimmage: Tuesday, 7/26/16
IWPS Finals: Tuesday, 8/30/16
Quarter Finals #2: Tuesday, 10/4/16
Duet Slam: Tuesday, 11/15/16
WOWPS Finals: Tuesday, 11/29/16
Quarter Finals #3: Tuesday, 1/3/17
Quarter Finals #4: Tuesday, 3/21/17
Semi-Finals: Tuesday, 3/28/17
2016 Slam Finals at the State Theater: Friday, 4/1/16

Our most active social media channel is Facebook.  Find us here: Austin Slam on Facebook.

Otherwise, click around on the menu above for more info about APS and our events, and please come out and join us this Tuesday or Sunday!!!

Congratulations to our 2016 APS team for advancing to Semi-Finals at NPS this year, and to our sister slam, Austin Neo-Soul, taking 4th place overall at the 2016 National Poetry Slam!

APS 2016: Mal, Soups, SC Says, Chucky Black, Jomar Valentin, and Doc (Coach).


2016 Austin Neo-Soul: Professor J, B-Fran, Teresa Johnson, Christopher Michael, Glori B, and John Crow.


Legacy Info on 2015 Wins and the APS 20 Year Anniversary Shows:

2015 Was a Huge Year for Us!  Click Here to Hear More!

Austins Premiere Showcase of Spoken Word and Slam Poetry