2015 was a massive year for APS.

We started off by celebrating our 20 year anniversary with a multi-day show featuring poets spanning two decades of Central Texas slam.

Then over the summer, the Austin Poetry Slam Team won the 2015 National Group Slam Championships and the 2015 Southern Fried Slam Championships. Wow!

We followed this success with the launch of our new Sunday Show, which soon morphed into our current multi-day slam tournament funnel!

Finally, at the end of the year (technically in Feb of 2016), after serving a 5 year stint as slammaster, Danny Strack passed the title and reigns of APS to Jomar Valentin!  So much win all around!

Legacy Info on the 20 Year Anniversary Show:

Click Here for the Full Details, Event Schedule, and More!

More on All the Win:

The 2015 Austin Poetry Slam and Austin Neo-Soul Slam teams holding trophies right after group finals.

The 2015 Austin Poetry Slam and Austin Neo-Soul Slam Teams.

Congratulations to the 2015 Austin Poetry Slam Team, and the 2015 Austin Neo-Soul Slam Team, taking home 1st place and 3rd place respectively in the 2015 National Poetry Slam Group Finals!!!!

The 2015 Austin Poetry Slam Team
The APS Team Performing on Finals Stage

Congratulations also to the Austin Slam team (w/ special guest Amir Safi) for winning the 2015 Southern Fried Poetry Slam!

The 2015 (Southern Fried) Austin Poetry Slam Team with our RC cola winnings.
The 2015 (Southern Fried) Austin Poetry Slam Team

Holy crap!  That’s a lot of win!

This is what our 2015/2016 Season Looked Like:

Slam Bowl: Tuesday, 6/1/15
Quarter Finals #1: Tuesday, 7/14/15
NPS Slam Scrimmage: Tuesday, 8/4/15
IWPS Finals: Tuesday, 8/25/15
Quarter Finals #2: Tuesday, 10/13/15
WOWPS Finals: Tuesday, 12/8/15
Quarter Finals #3: Tuesday, 1/5/16
Quarter Finals #4: Tuesday, 3/22/16
Semi-Finals: Tuesday, 3/29/16
2016 Slam Finals at the State Theater: Friday, 4/1/16

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