Austin Slam Council and Hosts

The Austin Poetry Slam has been in operation since 1994 when it was run through the Electric Lounge.

Mission Statement: The goal of the Austin Poetry Slam is to create opportunities for spoken word artists in Central Texas. To this end, we produce and promote a kick-ass weekly show with a completely open stage. Through our shows and funds generated, we hope to promote poetry and its performance in a manner that engages, challenges, celebrates, and supports both artist and audience.


The first Austin Slam Council was elected in October 1999 as an organic, democratic body of equal voices. The members of the inaugural council were Dillon McKinsey, Woody Baldwin, Aaron Sanders, Hilary Thomas, Phil West, Mike Henry, and Sonya Fehér.  We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave souls, as well as to contributors / slam council members like Wammo, Matthew Conley, Jason Edwards, Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, David Hendler, Tony Jackson, Shelia Siobhan, Ernie Cline, Krissi Reeves, Samantha Foss, Lance Hunter, Anna Barr, Vicki Nevland, Deena Rawleigh, Victoria Prescott, Charles Stephens, Jess Howard, and many others for significant behind-the-scenes work benefiting the poetry slam over the years.

The Slam Council is in charge of following through on the Austin Slam’s mission and overseeing its operation. Meanwhile, our hosts are responsible for running the weekly show.

Current Austin Slam Council:
Jomar Valentin – Slammaster / Executive Director
Tova Charles – Vice Slammaster / Vice President
Victoria Murray – Treasurer
Gloria Adams – Secretary
Sunni Soper – Staff Leadership
Christopher Michael – Lead Host
Peter Nevland – Adviser / Host

Non-Voting Members:
Danny Strack – Personal Adviser to the Slammaster (As the Former Slammaster/Executive Director: 2010-2015), Webmaster & General Assistant


Glori B. & Sunni Soper – 1st Slam of Every Month (New Shit Slam).
Tova Charles – 2nd Slam of Every Month.
Jomar Valentin & SC Says – 3rd Slam of Every Month.
Christopher Micheal – 4th Slam of Every Month.
Peter Nevland  – 5th Slams and Main Alternate Host / Special Events.

Austins Premiere Showcase of Spoken Word and Slam Poetry